Tile Trends to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom 

If you are trying to renovate your bathroom but you’re not sure where to begin, you should start with the tile. There are a lot of innovative and classic tile options out there. It is certainly worth considering how you should integrate this durable material into your bathroom renovation plans, whether as a decorative backsplash, countertops, wall covering, or flooring.  

Before you hire a residential and commercial flooring installer Atlanta GA, here are a couple of tile trends you should consider: 

Textured Tile 

Textured tile is a well-known choice if you want a more unique approach to your bathroom. Usually, they are utilized for backsplashes and walls instead of floors. You can use textured tile as a subtle design, such as raised wave pattern on huge format tiles on a wall. You can also make it more modern by incorporating 3D tile as the backsplash.  

Subway Tile 

Usually, this type of tile is white. It also uses black grout. Subway tiles look amazing in your shower. You can use it on the walls or as an accent to your bathroom. Nowadays, you can find a lot of subway tiles in big format. There are also narrow and long designs. They’re excellent in master bathrooms.  

Patterned Tile 

Tile and patterns go together like ketchup and fries. Bold patterns are particularly thrilling with tile. You should consider using basket weave patterns, pinwheel, parquet, herringbone, diamond, or chevron. These styles can go with virtually almost every size. This includes striking large format tiles. This tile size is becoming more and more popular this year.  

Geometric Tile 

Unlike many years ago, there are more geometrical tile shapes available today. This is ideal for producing retro-fun tessellated patterns on your showers, walls, or floors. You can go with the old-school rectangle or square. If you want to be experimental, you can choose a couple of contemporary flairs with penny round tiles or mesh-mounted hexagon. If you want to produce a unique tile design, you will find a lot of inspiration with tile shapes. This includes waves, picket, triangle, fish scale or fan, diamond, and arabesque.  

Natural Blue 

This year, you can see a lot of blue almost everywhere you look. The reason for this is that blue is the new gray. If you prefer blue over other colors, you have chosen an ideal time to renovate your bathroom. You will find tile in all shades, from deep-ink blue to pastel blue. You can use this color as a neutral in your new bathroom design.  

Neutral Color Palette 

Neutral is always the way to go for a lot of bathrooms. It is easy to complement. There are a lot of options to choose from to fit your preferences. You will see this in cool neutral or warm neutral.  

Matte Finish 

Aside from being safer flooring material, they also prevent water stains. Matte finish tiles offer a much better grip on slippery and wet floors. Aside from that, they can also be a great option for your backsplash.